Marian Snow, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Trainer - Stop Sitting on Your Assets

Jan 21st
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H.E.R.O. Success Studies

Time and again, our clients tell us that we’ve helped them to build wealth with much less difficulty than they ever imagined possible. Read here first-hand quotes that illustrate the power of the wealth creation strategies and insights H.E.R.O. Solution clients are learning.

Quotes from H.E.R.O. Solution Coaching clients:

“It has been very profitable participating in Marian's programs.  I would do it again and recommend it to those who are serious in making significant improvements in their ability to create wealth by leveraging real estate and learning about alternative safe money strategies.” –Lillith Alexamder

“Before I started Marian's coaching, I was hacking away with a hit-and-miss
method making $300 to $400 a week. Now I have a complete online auction
and web ecommerce business making $1,500 a week. I only wish I had started earlier.”  --Todd Tyler

“Marian is the kind of person who sees what potential lives inside of you and your business and then leads you to draw that out yourself.  I feel very fortunate to count her as one of my mentors, and absolutely believe that I would not be making the personal and business progress that I am without her guidance and insights.”  -- Bill Boxley

Clients were asked "How has Marian's H.E.R.O. Solution training impacted your life?"

"We are very fortunate to have found Marian's training about fourteen months ago, we started the path with a firmly established tax planning and entity-structure foundation for our businesses. What we wanted was to start investing for passive income, and we have done much more than that. We now have a great wealth team cin place. We sold one business to focus solely on growing the one we really love (and that was our "fastest path to cash") and we can now say we are investors in real estate in just the right way. We now have a team of fellow H.E.R.O. partners with whom we can consult on virtually anything. From investments to business to tax planning. Some of the biggest gifts we have received from this program are focus and increased awareness (that just keeps on increasing)! It is truly amazing the amount of opportunity available, each and every day if we just open our eyes, if you are only aware of it and know what to do with it. We are truly grateful that we found Marian and her program when we did. It has been one of the MOST lifechanging processes we've been through. "--Mary and Aaron O'Toole 

Marian's Group Structure gave me the courage to live my life as an entrepreneur. The community is not only a valuable asset of investors but also good friends!" --Jamie Oliver

"I organized my entities, taxes, streamlined my business, personal growth, networking, masterminding of friends, great support system, and opportunities." --Jeff Miller

H.E.R.O. (Home Equity Riches Optimizer) Event Testimonials:

"My experience on the three day tour in San Diego was amazing. I learned how to set up a business structure that involves forming the right entity to protect my assets. The information and ideas on entity structuring we received by itself was worth the money that we paid for the event. I would highly reccommend this to beginning as well as seasoned investors." --Michelle Di Fillippo

"I experienced an increase of knowledge and confidence to put together my action plan to start our real estate investment company. This is the first program that I found to offer hands-on training and provide a step-by-step real estate system that can be easily followed." --Kathy Thomas

“Wow! As with everything associated with Marian Snow, Stop Sitting on Your Assets and the H.E.R.O. Solution, the training was excellent.  As a busy physician, I need deals and trusted field partners.  In this one weekend I found both!  Well worth the price! Thank you Marian and team!”
-Dr. Joe Aronson